To ensure that you are not charged more than once for purchases made under KLAS, License Application, and Fingerprint Payment Portal, please do the following:

▶  Do not refresh your browser screen during the payment process
▶  Do not attempt to navigate your browser using the back button during the payment process

Doing so may lead to duplicate submissions for payment.  If you experience an issue while making a payment through KanPay, please contact KSDE to ensure that the process completed successfully.
If you experience an issue with payment, please wait 72 hours before trying again.
The Fingerprint Payment Portal is temporarily unavailable. Fingerprint payments should be mailed to the Teacher Licensure office at
KSDE ATTN: Teacher Licensure 900 SW Jackson St., Suite 102 Topeka KS 66612-1212
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Supported Web Browsers
KSDE currently supports the following web browsers for use with its web applications:
Microsoft Edge version 18 or newer
Apple Safari version 14.1 or newer
Google Chrome version 76 or newer
Mozilla Firefox version 68 or newer
Microsoft Internet Explorer Users
•  Microsoft has ended support for IE, and is encouraging users to discontinue its use.
•  Although IE may work with KSDE web applications, it should not be used and is not supported.
Additional Notes
•  Please ensure you are using one of these browsers before contacting technical support.
•  Most modern web browsers update themselves automatically to the latest version.